Marshall's Family by Anson Welsh

Richard Marshall is a pilot, working in Africa, who wishes for a quiet domestic life. Unfortunately, he has a wife who despises him, a daughter who brings home problems and a lover who wants him all to herself.

He is an an easy-going, unremarkable man who avoids responsibility whenever he can, yet the responsibilities just keep piling up, until perhaps the fate of an entire nation rests on his inadequate shoulders. People are dying and the situation needs a hero, what it has is Richard Marshall.


"I loved Anson's writing style, it's a clever blend of thriller and adventure with a little touch of a love story thrown in for good measure.The clever combination of the character's background running alongside the story as it happens is superbly done and it's hard to believe that this is a debut novel as I felt the writing was very accomplished. As the story builds I found I was reading faster and faster to reach the end but at the same time I didn't want the story to finish. Some of the descriptions are brutal and somewhat horrific but they are essential to the story and are in no way gratuitous and if anything they are a true reflection of the world we live in today.

This was a truly thrilling read with a high octane ending and I would highly recommend that you give this debut author a try, I honestly don't think that you'll regret it and I'm already looking forward to reading more from Anson Welsh."

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Anson Welsh was born and raised in the Rhondda Fach, a narrow coal mining valley in South Wales. At the age of ten, after reading ‘Biggles and the Cruise of the Condor,’ he decided that he was going to be pilot and never once changed his mind.

He started flying when he was nineteen and worked as a full-time pilot from the age of twenty-one. He regards his flying career as modest, but it has included work as a glider-tug pilot, a flying instructor, a survey pilot, a flying doctor service pilot in Africa, an oilfield support pilot in Sarawak and as a short-haul airline Captain operating around the UK and Europe. Anson has flown gliders, microlights, light aircraft, turbo-props and jets, and had great deal of enjoyment in the process.

He retired from airline flying in 2012 when he hit the buffers at the age of sixty-five. Though he still does a bit of part-time work as a flying instructor and also flies, strictly for fun, an Aeronca Chief that he part owns.

Anson is married with three grown up children, three grandchildren and one step-grandchild. When not playing with aeroplanes he enjoys long walks on the moorland near his home in Devon, UK., and along the Cornish coast. He also likes reading, television dramas, BBC Radio4, the cinema, the theatre, walking holidays, particularly in the United States and writing of course.

He has written several articles for aviation magazines but Marshall’s Family is his first novel.